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Tuesday 03/09/2019
High voltage on tensiometers

If you are afraid of being hypo or hypertensive, many devices promise you a very simple measurement of your blood pressure. ABE has tested 12 of them. Reliability, precision, arm or wrist, which to choose? But also how often does it measure its tension and how to interpret the result? Questions that are not trivial: hypertension affects 40% of adults in Switzerland.

RTS and the universities of French-speaking Switzerland
Hypertension, an invisible and painless illness

Antoinette Pechère | HUG | UNIGE
Grégoire Wuerzner | CHUV | UNIL
A bon entendeur 03/09/2019

We talk about hypertension when the blood pressure values ​​of a person are permanently too high: 140/90 for measures taken in a medical environment and 135/85 for measurements taken outside.

Meeting with Antoinette Pechère, a specialist in hypertension

The nephrologist Antoinette Pechère, Head of the Hypertension Unit and Center of the University Hospitals of Geneva is passionate about the functioning of the kidneys and the importance of taking care of hypertension. She is also an activist for the cause of women in medicine.


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